Discover how you were designed to express your unique purpose in this lifetime with your own soul-level gifts, energies and talents


Understand how aligning with your truth can break the negative karmic patterns that are holding you back from expressing your brilliance


Powerfully create the human experience you truly desire in harmony with Universal Law and in divine partnership with your soul

“What Emma had shared with me touched me deeply at my core. She shed a light on why I had the kind of experience that I had when I was just a child. I felt deep sorrow surface and I felt the sensations in my body telling me that it agreed and acknowledged what was shared. Emma also confirmed my gifts that I’m bringing into this world. 

I am now able to come from a place of power and decisiveness that is not influenced by other people. There are no words to convey how deeply in gratitude I am for having met Emma. I feel that she comes from a space of love and in total acceptance of who I am. I highly recommend getting a reading from Emma if you would like to move forward in your life.” 

Hayatti Rahgeni -

"I am so grateful for the wonderful reading I received from Emma. She showed me who I am at a soul level and the gifts I have so I can express my Divinity in my life. I could easily see myself in everything she said, even things I was not aware of, but everyone who knows me can say I am! I highly recommend her readings, Emma is kind, sweet and oh soo accurate!"  

Anjara Linera Blanco -

"I feel like so much has changed already! I finally feel free of all the negativity that I was carrying around!" 

Bobbie Lane - UK

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